Inbar Solomon, Recorder

Inbar Solomon is a Recorder player, performing both early music (as a member of the Baroque Ensemble “In Camera XV” among others) and Israeli & international contemporary music. She collaborates with composers from Israel, USA, Japan, England and Argentina, and in the past two years she premiered twelve new pieces dedicated to her, for solo Recorder and for Recorder in a group. She played at the annual concert of the Israeli Women Composers Forum, and performed with varied ensembles of contemporary and Israeli music, among them the 21st Century Ensemble. She was a guest of the Israeli national classical radio station, “Kol Hamusica”, in numerous programs dedicated to her recordings.

Inbar performed in concert series in Israel, Germany, UK and Switzerland. She played in festivals such as the International Organ Week, Early Music Days and Contemporary Music 013 in Germany as well as the Felicja Blumenthal Music Festival, the Israeli Music Festivities, Haifa Sacred Music Festival and the Yehiam Renaissance Festival in Israel. She was a finalist at the International Israeli Music Competition in London and won the Contemporary Music Performance Competition at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music. She played as a soloist with Kölner Akademie Orchestra and the Israeli Stage Orchestra, performed with Barrocade Ensemble, recorded TV performances in Germany and Israel, and participated in the recordings of the opera Cain and Abel (Fleischer).

Inbar holds an M.A. in Music Performance from the Nürnberg Music Academy (guided by Jeremias Schwarzer), and an M.A. in Musicology cum laude from the Buchman-Mehta Music Academy in Tel Aviv University. She holds a B.A. in Music Performance (guided by Bracha Kol), and a B.A. in Psychology, also from Tel Aviv University. Inbar had won excellence scholarships throughout her studies, from the German Koehler-Kast foundation, the America- Israel Cultural Foundation, Bnei Brit and the Buchman- Mehta Music Academy.

Together with composer Alona Epshtein, Inbar is the head of the performers’ section at the Israeli Women Composers and Performers Forum. She guided Recorder teachers as a part of Karev Foundation’s teachers education program (Ministry of education). In addition, she teaches Recorder at the Rehovot Conservatory, where she studied in her youth.

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