Getting Acquainted

A few words about myself…

I was born in Rehovot, Israel in 1983. The Recorder entered my life surprisingly, as a treatment for childhood asthma. Over the years, my asthma faded away – but my love for music and the Recorder continued to this very day. There is something so appealing in the Recorder, with its simplicity and straightforwardness. It’s transparent and natural just as breathing.

Music playing has accompanied me through school, during which I had studied at the Rehovot Conservatory and later with Bracha Kol. I kept on playing during my military service, where I served as a basic training commander.

Afterwards, it seemed natural for me to continue my music studies in a more intensive framework, in parallel to other academic fields which I was curious about. I completed a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance and in Psychology at the Tel Aviv University. Feeling the need to broaden my horizons, meet new artists and get to know new performance and teaching methods, I decided to continue my music studies abroad. I completed a Master Degree in Music Performance with Jeremias Schwarzer at the Nürnberg Music Academy in Germany. In parallel, in order to fulfill my need to deepen my theoretical understanding of music, I completed a Master Degree cum laude in Musicology, focusing in the field of Music Cognition, which encompasses my passions of music theory, psychology and research.

As a performer, one of the projects which are very dear to me is working with composers on new pieces. I find great satisfaction when a composer discovers something new about the instrument or invents new effects. Apart from that, the opportunity to discuss the piece with the composer is a privilege which classical players can’t have… Showing composers, performers and audiences the possibilities the Recorder possesses is extremely important to me, since most people recognize it as an excellent instrument for primary introduction to music. This contributes to my decision to teach music at the Rehovot Conservatory, where I had studied myself – from the belief in spreading the acknowledgment of the Recorder as an advanced and unique instrument, which opens the gates to a special and thrilling music of early and contemporary periods.


I invite you to listen to my music, to read about my current projects and to contact me!


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