In Camera XV

The early music ensemble “In Camera XV” was founded in 2009 by the Harpsichord player Avinoam Shalev, with Einat Aronstein (Soprano), Netta Huebscher and Inbar Solomon (Recorders), Zohar Alon & Ofir Schner (Baroque Violins), Daniel Tanchelson (Baroque Viola) and Inbar Navot (Viola da Gamba) joining in.

The ensemble is named after its first rehearsal room- the Early Music rehearsal chamber at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, the alma mater of most of the ensemble members. Camera members play authentic instruments and specialize in early music performance. The ensemble played in Israel’s finest venues and concert series- at the Yehiam Renaissance Music Festival, at the Buchmann-Mehta Subscription Series, at ”Youth at the Centre” concert series in Mishkenot Sha’ananim Music Centre Jerusalem (a concert later broadcasted on Israel’s classical music radio channel), at the Felicja Blumenthal Music Centre in Tel Aviv, at “The Magic of the Baroque” concert series in Dondikov Museum (Rehovot) and more.

Each program is dedicated to a repertoire from a different period and area in Europe, and is often performed with guest instrumentalists and singers. Since 2014 the ensemble is being supported by the Ministry of Culture.

In the upcoming concert season we will present two new programs, scheduled to perform in concert series at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Studio Hecht (Haifa), at the Austrian Hospice (Jerusalem), in the concert series taking place at the Scots Hotel in Tiberias, in “The Musical Offering” series in Wix Auditorium (Rehovot), at the concert series of Kibbutz Ganigar, at the “Jazz Club” (Mitzpe Ramon) and more.

The programs:

“Northern Exposure: Composers from North Germany and Flandria before J. S. Bach” – We are happy to celebrate 400 years to the birth of the German composer Franz Tunder, with a special program dedicated to him and his contemporaries in Germany and Flandria- composers who are seldom performed in Israel, such as Schmelzer, Schop, Biber and many more. We shall explore the paths these composers have lead, with pieces from the Late German Baroque by Bach and Telemann. Our guest for this program is the Soprano Michal Okon.

“A Kiss from a Rose”- England and Italy at the Beginning of the 17th Century- An “unplugged” program, in which we are hosting Michal Okon and the Lute player Eliav Lavie. Beautiful lyric Arias of Dowland and Morely, alongside instrumental passionate dances by Merula, Mainerio and Rognoni.

Selected past programs:

“Ebb und Fluth: Telemann and the Bach Family between Baroque and Classicism” – a concert combining Telemann and J.S. Bach’s music which seals the Baroque period, with the music of Bach’s sons announcing the Classical era. Among the pieces- the beautiful and well-known Aria from the Hunting Cantata of J. S. Bach, Telemann’s “Water Overture” (also known as “Hamburger Ebb und Flut”), a Sinfonia of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach and others.

“Around Händel: Wandering Composers throughout Europe – a program presenting the international style of Händel and other late baroque composers such as Pepusch, Graun, Brioschi, Purcell, Telemann and others.

Stuart England & God Save the Queen: Music in Tudor”- a concert dedicated to the varied genres of English music from the periods of Tudor and Stuart.

Frühstück mit der Familie Bach (Breakfast with the Bach Family) – a program which portrays J. S. Bach and the works of his sons, Johann Christian and Carl Philipp Emanuel.

“Il Primo Giorno del Seicento” (The First Day of the Seventeenth Century) – an overview of the exciting and fascinating period in the music at the turn of the sixteenth-century in Italy.

“Felice Europa” – a musical journey in seventeenth-century Europe through 4 countries: France, England, Italy and Germany. Music by Marais, Dowland, Holborne, Palestrina, Marini, Scheidt and others.

Selected reviews:

“This promising group… is a welcomed addition to Israel’s flourishing early music scene”
(Tel Aviv City Guide)


“… Among the three pieces of Traquinio Merula, the variation series “Ruggiero” stands out as one of the evening’s highlights: the Recorder Duet of Netta Huebscher and Inbar Solomon was an example of virtuosity from one hand and an exquisite expressiveness on the other. Magic!
… The group is characterized by excellent ensemble work and consolidated sound, which sounds as a product of years of experience… Here is a combination of talent, curiosity, good taste, enthusiasm and burning passion for music… Evidently, the “Camera XV” Ensemble fits the title of the season’s Music Discovery!



Traquinio Merula (1594-1665): Ballo detto Gennaro
“In Camera XV”: Inbar Solomon, Ganassi Soprano Recorder; Zohar Alon, Baroque Violin; Inbar Navot, Viola da Gamba; Avinoam Shalev, Harpsichord
From the concert “Il Primo Giorno del Seicento”, Tel Aviv 2012


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