Working with composers

The Recorder is an ideal instrument for performing contemporary music, thanks to its unmediated sound production and clarity. The sensitivity and gentleness of the Recorder give it a wide range of sound effects, which in many cases are unique to this instrument.

I find collaborating with composers to be a fascinating process that enables both sides to enjoy its fruits. I appreciate the mutual exploration of the instrument’s capabilities, which often leads to new perspectives and performance possibilities. The composers, on their side, get a new, special and original instrument to write to.

In the past two years, I have participated in six premiers and have had four solo pieces written for me:


As a preparation to the annual concert of the Israeli Women Composers Forum (July 2012), dedicated this year to the Italian Baroque composer Maria Teresa Agnesi, I gave a lecture and a concert to this forum. In the lecture, I demonstrated various Recorder types, and explained about their ranges, sounds and effects, as well as compositional methods in early and modern times. Following this event, I wrote a manual concentrating the different kinds of Recorders and the musical possibilities they give, which I now share with composers with whom I collaborate.


All pieces composed for this concert, titled “The Musical Offering to Maria Teresa Agnesi”, were written for Recorder in varied ensembles, by Israeli composers Alona Epshtein, Hila Tamir-Ostrover, Adaya Godlevsky and Florie Namir, as well as Argentinean composer Eva Lopszyc. Some of the pieces, among them Tamir-Ostrover’s piece “Ra’ad” for solo Bass Recorder, were broadcast on Israel’s classical music radio channel, along with an interview with the composers and later in the framework of an interview with me, in a program dedicated to the project.

Listen to the recording of the program “The stage is yours” edited by Itamar Zamir, which was broadcasted on “Kol Hamusica” on March 4th, 2013, including an interview and recordings from the concert of the Israel Women Composers’ Forum 
(the program starts at 05:00)

Listen to the rest of the program



Hila Tamir-Ostrover (*1976): “Ra’ad” (Quiver) (2012)
for Solo Bass Recorder
From the concert “The Musical Offering to Agnesi”, Tel Aviv 2012

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Florie Namir (*1979): “Her Beloved Eyes” (2012) (excerpt)
Inbar Solomon, Alto Recorder; Evgenia Epshtein, Violin; Dan Weinstein, Cello; Marina Minkin, Harpsichord
From the concert “The Musical Offering to Agnesi”, Tel Aviv 2012

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Leon Schidlowsky- “Arabesque” (1991): the piece is written for Traverso, and I made an arrangement for Recorder together with the composer. A few months later, I performed the piece in a concert celebrating the composer’s 80th birthday.


Leon Schidlowsky (*1931): “Arabesque” (1991)
for Solo Tenor Recorder (excerpt)
Recorded in Nürnberg, 2011

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The piece dedicated to me by Elad Stern, “Naïveté”, for Alto, Tenor and Sopranino Recorders was performed in a solo recital in Nürnberg (November 2011).


A collaboration with the Jewish- British composer Julian Dawes lead to the writing of the “Sonatina for Recorder and Piano”, which was premiered at the Forge Arts Venue in London in October 2013, together with the British pianist Gordon Back. The piece was premiered in Israel as the centre of the program “On the Wings of the Piano” with the pianist Niza Abravaya at the Maccabim- Reut Camber Music Society and at the Felicja Blumenthal Music Centre in Tel Aviv in May 2014, in the presence of the composer. The collaboration with Julian Dawes has already lead to the creation of another new piece, “Bagatelles for Recorder & Harpsichord”.


In the framework of the project “Here and There” featuring the German Recorder player Caroline hausen, a few new pieces were played in Israel at the world premiere in January 2013. The program included Alona Epshtein‘s piece “Histoire du corps” for Recorder and media, “On A/ Her Own Way” by Hagar Kadima and Adaya Godlevsky’s piece “Duo”, for Soprano & Tenor/ Alto & Bass Recorders. Aside the Israeli programs, we played pieces by the contemporary German composers Rolf Riehm, Vivienne Olive and Annette Schlünz. After a number of concerts in Israel, we performed the program again, this time in Germany. The premiere there took place in Nürnberg, as a part of “Contemporary Music 013″ Festival. The Israeli pieces were broadcasted on the radio in Itamar Zamir’s program, “Musical Journey”, in a program dedicated to my recordings.

Listen here to the program broadcasted in “Kol Hamusika” on June 4th, 2013.


       Hagar Kadima’s piece, “On A/ Her Own Way”, among other pieces of the composer, were performed in a special concert, combined with the opening of her exhibition in “Israel Music Festivities” in Jerusalem on September 2013. At the heart of the concert is a world premiere of a new piece by Kadima, “A Woman She’s not” for Soprano (Etty Ben-Zaken), Oud (Marina Toshich) and two Recorders (Inbar Solomon and Liora Vinik). On this occasion, Kadima had released a new CD of her works, ”Ancient Silence”, featuring the recording of “On A/ Her Own Way”, performed by Inbar Solomon and Caroline Hausen.


      A new piece for Recorder and Ensemble, composed by Hana Ajiashvili was peperformed on November 2013 in concerts of The 21st Century Ensemble.


       In June 2014 Inbar will perform Yaron Gottfried’s piece “The well tempered unbalanced Piano”, for Jazz trio and Baroque ensemble, together with the Barrocade ensemble. Concerts will be given at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Kfar Saba and Jerusalem Theatre, in a concert which shall be broadcasted on Kol Hamusica and on the European Union Radio.


       A new piece by Alona Epshtein will be performed at the annual project of the Israeli Women Composers and Performers Forum at the Felicja Blumenthal Music centre, Tel Aviv.


Dai Fujikura’s piece “Perla” (2008) for Solo Bass Recorder, performed by Inbar Solomon, was included in a compilation Album of the composer, which was out on the web in April 2014.


After the expansion of the Israeli Women Composers Forum to an organization of performers and musicologists also, Inbar is the head of the performers section of the organization, ran together with composer Alona Epshtein.


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